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Pastors & Church Leaders!

What is the one thing you MUST do this year in order to grow your church and prevent members from leaving?

Tell me …
  • Is Your Church or Ministry Growing?
  • Are Your Offerings in Decline?
  • Is Your Worship Attendance Now Less than What You Would Like It To Be?

STOP! Here is important information you simply MUST know in order to DOUBLE, even TRIPLE* your attendance and membership … !

Just imagine for a moment …
  • Imagine what it would be like .. to lead a growing, vibrant, and relevant church ministry … !
  • Just imagine your pews overflowing every Sunday with excited, enthusiastic worshipers, worshipers from all generations – and all walks of life …
  • Just imagine being able to add on to your existing facility, or to build a new facility – without the burden of a long-term mortgage – with offering plates filled each week – giving you the resources to pursue an expanding, meaningful ministry or missions work within your own community, or around the world!

Does this describe your current church?

… or does it merely describe the vision you FIRST had – the vision you had in your heart when you first accepted God’s call to spread the Word, and the fulfill the Great Commission?

In the next few minutes as you study every word of this page, you will become invigorated and excited with the prospect – yes the very probability – that your long held dreams and visions are imminently now within your grasp – regardless of how much you may have struggled and agonized up to this moment!

Stop a moment and picture yourself a year from now …

… five years from now … perhaps even ten …

Where will you be?

Will you be part of a vibrant, growing, and excited community of Christians?

OR will you be a victim of the same old tire excuses, unable to change your church’s slow slide into spiritual oblivion?

If that’s you, then perhaps you’d better be seeking a new line of work.

Ministering to God’s people is not easy — and it is not work that everyone is cut out for.

Many are called it seems, but few are chosen – or choose – to succeed.

Here’s hope at last!

Perhaps you have made the right choice for your life’s work after all, for God has guided you here.

The technology, tools, and information available now to churches, ministers, and church leaders today are phenomenal!

There’s never been a better time to minister the Word and the Gospel to God’s people.

So grab hold, and hang on!

Of the following, how many describe your church?

If yours is like all too many churches today (including many old and established churches), you are probably experiencing one or more of these symptoms:

  • Worship attendance that is stagnant or declining;
  • Tithes, offerings, and pledges that are stagnant or declining;
  • Lack of participation by younger families;
  • Declining church membership; families leaving, older members dying;
  • Squabbling, back-biting, and power struggles among church members;
  • Deteriorating church buildings, equipment, and facilities – and no money for repairs, upgrades, or replacements;
  • Low staff and ministerial morale;
  • Volunteer burn-out; too few workers to do the work of the church;
  • An atmosphere of malaise, pessimism, and negativity.

If you are like many if not most of the pastors carefully reading this letter, you are probably quite depressed and disheartened to acknowledge that there are more than 2 or 3 of the above points that accurately describes your present church – perhaps a LOT more …

Now imagine a NEW spiritual reality that emerges in your church …

… a reality both as a result of God’s grace, and as a result of your own ministerial insight, wisdom, and skill in applying the techniques you are about to learn !

  • Worship attendance that grows exponentially so that you have to add additional services just to handle the crowds;
  • A steadily-increasing flow of financial support and offerings from a membership that is genuinely enthused about the work and missions of the church, and their participation in it;
  • An expanding and steadily-increasing flood of new faces, young families, and families with children – along with scores of worshipers and church workers of all ages who perhaps have been without a church home for many years;
  • A positive, uplifting attitude of faith and cooperation among members, volunteers, and staff;
  • Adequate funds and resources for needed building repairs and upgrades, even large donations and estates dedicated to capital projects, expansions, missions, and new building facilities;
  • An atmosphere of energetic and enthusiastic participation, members contributing in meaningful ways to the church body, in ways that suit their personalities and talents;
  • A charged sense of growing optimism and hope that lifts everyone, and nourishes the pastor and staff!

Now be honest with me …

Which church would you rather be a part of?

Which church would you rather leave behind you, when it comes time to answer your next call?

A church of hope, vitality, and growth

or a church of desolation and despair?

The choice is yours.

How will you choose to be remembered by your present congregation?

Will you be remembered as someone who made it all happen?

… or just someone who just let it all happen?

You’ve probably driven by them yourselfvibrant young new churches, churches alive with massive new building projects, churches with parking lots and pews overflowing every Sunday, Wednesday, AND Friday – churches filled with excited, enthusiastic worshipers from all generations.

Churches with members flocking in the door from seemingly all directions. Budgets, pledges, and contributions increasing by leaps and bounds, and the pastor’s name spoken with genuine admiration and respect among his congregation and peers … !

Is this you?

Wouldn’t you LIKE it to be?

What are you going to do to make it actually happen? … today … this month … this year ?


Now here’s the bottom line …

In every instance, with more and more churches in the United States on the decline, closing their doors, and laying off staff – how do these new, apparently up-and-coming churches and faith ministries achieve their startling, almost miraculous spiritual renaissance?

There’s really no other way to put it. There is no great mystery. The answer is simple, and it’s right there in front of you – IF you know where to look.

In this letter, I’m going to share this “secret” with you.

Now turn off the phone, close your door, and listen …

Just imagine what it would be like if you could turn your church and your ministry into the kind of place that everyone wants to be a part of …

Imagine learning how you can motivate and inspire people, and lift them up to become great Christians and church workers!

Does that sound good to you … ?

Then look at this …

To have a successful, growing, vibrant church it is essential to observe successful, growing churches, and to learn from their most productive and successful methods!

But how?

Well, remember my mentioning the tools, information, and technology that is available to you today?

Tools and resources that up to just a few years ago were completely unavailable, or unaffordably expensive, out of reach of any pastor except for the most accomplished and affluent elite

Right off the bat, one thing that you will want do immediately is to join half a dozen or so of the many online church growth and professional church leadership groups that are out there.

Here’s a secret …

… if you are a member of LinkedIn™ (hands down the very best professional networking site out there), or Facebook™, or one of the dozens of other social media and community networking websites out there, do a search for groups focused on church growth, then search for groups focusing on “Church Growth“, “Church Leadership“, “Church Growth Mastermind” and “Ministry Outreach“.

Join between four and six of the groups that appeal to you the most (you can always un-join later without obligation if you find they’re not for you).

Take an hour or so every day to read the posts from other group members – most of whom either are in the same situation you are, or used to be but found answers that turned things around for them professionally and in their church.

Ask questions. Ask for advice. Share your insights. Offer your own ideas, encouragement, and support. It works!

But … before you do that, keep reading for some really important information that will make all the difference in the world to you …

Premium Membership Bonus

In the Private Members Area, I’ve identified and linked to several of the best of these networking and mastermind groups – groups that you will definitely want to take a look at and join.

This information and more is INCLUDED with your Private Members Area access and is an included benefit of purchasing the Double Your Church Attendance program.

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Fields of Diamonds

You’ll be amazed at what you will learn. Just one good idea or nugget of gold from a post could set you off in a whole new direction in building and growing your ministry and your church.

Along with your regular print-style ministry publications, these free or nominal-cost resources will provide an absolute diamond mine of relevant, timely advice and information – delivered to your inbox, or a mouse-click away!

You also will want to register as a Free subscriber to my Church Growth Tips email series. About once a week you will receive a brief email, each with a unique tip, technique, or exclusive resource that you can use to kick-start your church growth plan, or to kick it into overdrive.

Just click here then fill out the quick form and click on the “Sign Me Up!” button. The page opens up in a new window, and brings you right back here when you’re done – so go ahead and do it now (I’ll wait here for you) … OR …


(Already subscribed? GREAT! Just click here or scroll down to continue reading …)

Now I won’t flood your mailbox with pages and pages of useless information – or information that you don’t have time to read, much less digest or use.

Just short, timely inspirational snippets that you can immediately use in your ministry, just as soon as you get them.

So enter your name and email address into the sign up form, and click the “Sign me up” button.

Don’t wait though – space is limited, and once the free subscription slots are filled, I’ll be closing off the free subscriptions and you’ll have to pay if you want access to these great resources.

These are tips, strategies, and inspirational resources that you just don’t want to be without!

Here’s what just a few of my readers are saying:

Thank you for your tips .. they are such a blessing. I keep referring back to them … God Bless!

Reverend Peter S


Gospel Partner – I am tremendously blessed by your regular newsletters I feed on. I do share this asset with my local full gospel church in Foret Bar here in Douala Cameroon. I will be again delighted to receive excerpts of your new release on church marketing … I remember you in my prayers.

Augustine Ndasi


I just wanted to say thank you for the tips and information you have so kindly shared with me. I am a church member but active on several committees. We share information such as this at our monthly meetings, etc. Have a blessed day!

Jacqueline G


Thank you for all your efforts in building the Kingdom of God. I’m confident in this one thing that every sincere effort in building His Kingdom will be blessed by Him.

Stephen B, Banglador India


Thank you for all your tips so far. I have been making use of some of them. The challenges I’m facing in my church are the youth who do not have interest in the things of God, and I am planning a lot of events with them to encourage them and make them solid and grounded in the Word …

Odunayo F


I am enjoying the wonderful information that you have made available for churches who desire to grow. I look forward to continually receive your growth tips, and other information that you have to offer.

Bishop Frederick W


Thanks God for your life and ministry. I’ve gotten the 3rd tip. Those tips bless my soul. I look forward to have more. In fact I will share print them out or my pastors to study at our monthly meetings. I serve the Lord with the Foursquare Gospel church in Nigeria, particularly in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. I oversee about 30 other churches for the Lord. I just know we have not arrived yet, hence I subscribed to your Newsletter. I want to share godly ideas from other godly men/women of God. Some of the things you shared I have been doing in a little way. I know that there is still room for improvement. I want to see the church growing beyond the present stage – all round.

Isaac K, Nigeria


Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Chris. Thanks for all the tips and I will share them with others. In HIS Love & Service with JOY!

Rebecca A, Singapore


Each day I read your tips, it begins with my life to change before I can deliver it to the church …” (Pastor Benson Mwalungila, Malawi)

Pastor Benson, Mwalungia, Malawi


Again – for your own FREE subscription (to read yourself or to share with other members or leaders of your church) Click Here right now – enter your name and email address, click the “Sign Me Up” button, and I’ll start sending you your church growth tips right away!

When you’re done, come right back here and read more about another tremendous resource that is available to you …


Now don’t let anyone kid you. Pastoring a church is hard work. (… but I’ll bet you knew that already though, didn’t you?)

So while no one should ever say that pastoring is an EASY job – there’s no doubt that there are “tricks of the trade”, ways that you can make the job easier, less stressful, and with a greater outcome of success and growth!

Let me explain how …

There’s no need to “re-invent the wheel” here. The keys to a growing, vibrant, and successful church are the same as the keys to success in any field – find out what works, find a successful model, and then emulate it!

Are you beginning to see here? Do you see the truth in that statement?

Have you noticed that as you read each word in this letter, that you are nodding in agreement?

Once you see it, the truth is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Just stop and think about it …

… and picture this for a moment …

What if you could find a resource that would lay out for you a sure-fire way to achieving your goals, wouldn’t that material be worth something to you?

What if you didn’t have to spend five … ten … twenty years … or maybe even your entire career, spending hundreds of fruitless hours in trial-and-error experimenting – and perhaps even thousands of dollars – to learn these secrets of dramatic church growth – secrets that others have spent a lifetime compiling?

Wouldn’t that be worth something to you?

How much? … $1,000? … $5,000? … or more?

What would it mean to your church, your ministry, … even to your family, if you could spend less energy and time wondering and worrying about what to do, and more time DOING it?

The fact that you are reading this letter means that you are at least INTERESTED in ways of ministering more effectively, more efficiently, and more successfully!

After all, what pastor wouldn’t?

Now let this all sink in for a moment …

By knowing this information yourself, you will be able to minister more effectively, with less time, and less stress.

You will begin to ENJOY your ministry again, and you will begin to feel the same exhilarating sense of purpose and excitement that you felt when you received your first call to minister …

Let me introduce you to someone …

Now you may not have heard of Bob Hinds – at least not yet.

Bob is a low-key sort of unassuming fellow, who prefers to go about his business quietly and without fanfare.

Yet Bob has been very successful in growing his churches – often doubling the average attendance at his own church within a 90 to 180-day period, simply by applying the same simple program that I am going to share with you.

You see, the truth of the matter is that Bob has a rather unique perspective.

He has spent his entire life in active church work and in business, and he has had the opportunity over the years to travel extensively throughout the country, visiting successful churches and interviewing their pastors and members.

Bob has now carefully compiled his unique lifetime of experience and experimentation into a comprehensive and winning church growth program.

When carefully applied in your own church, this program is guaranteed to attract new members, fill your church pews, and keep your Sunday attendance and membership increasing!

Let me tell you, when I first discovered this program I was excited!

Here was a proven program of dramatic church growth that spoke immediately and intimately to the needs and wants of the entire church membership – not just of its pastor and high leaders.

It is a program that is practical and do-able in a real-world sense.

Absent is the high-minded and ponderous intellectual fluff that is characteristic of many religious writers – writers who have spent way too much time in the classroom or the library, and not enough time out in the trenches of real church work!

It’s a unique and almost unheard of perspective!

I immediately contacted Bob, and got him to agree to let me expand his program of church growth, and to bring it to you in and easy-to-read, simple-to-use form.

You see, clearly the key to a successful, vibrant growing church is the studied application of simple, straightforward, and people-oriented strategies!

Can you see the simple truth in that statement?

You do, don’t you?

Stop and think about it for a moment. Let it sink in. Read that sentence again.

Now listen!

Written from a practical and successful Evangelistic tradition, this powerful yet simple method uses easy-to-implement, winning ideas gathered from dozens, even hundreds of highly successful churches, ministers, and church leaders all over the United States.

I must warn you however …

This material requires real commitment from you. It requires a commitment, and an investment, of your time, study, and effort.

You may feel yourself out on a limb in bringing this program to the other leaders of your church – some of whom perhaps don’t WANT to grow, and others who don’t want to rock the boat, or who fear change of any sort.

But what do you have to lose, really?

Do you really want to simply continue doing the same old thing, and getting the same old non-results?

Then just imagine what this material could mean to you and your church.

Think about what even the most pessimistic nay-sayer could be saying about you one … two … maybe three years from now, when the church is growing again and becoming the kind of church they’ve all said they’d wished it could be … if only …

Trust me – you NEED this eye-opening resource in your professional library. You simply can not afford to be without it for another day!

Read it – study it – and put it to active use for the next 90 days … it WILL work for you!

Of course … to be fair if you are the usual sort of pastor or church leader who purchases books and programs on church growth, expecting them to work wonders while gathering dust on your study shelf, then save your money.

Perhaps the way things are going now, you’ll need that money in a year or two to re-print your resume.

On the other hand …

if you are the sort of determined, forward-thinking take-charge pastor or church leader that I think you are, you will sense the tremendous value offered by this program, available to you only if you purchase and download your copy today.

Make no mistake. I want only people to purchase this program who are truly and earnestly committed to their own professional success, and to the active growth of their church and ministry!

I only want real leaders to purchase this program – leaders who will read it carefully, cover to cover, and who will energetically and enthusiastically put it to work in their own church and congregation, TODAY. This week, this month … and in the months and the years ahead!

I want only leaders to purchase this program who understand that success and positive growth comes only to those willing to put their money with their mouth is – and TAKE ACTION!

Let me be clear …

Six months from now (or less), I want YOU to be sending me a heartfelt testimonial of your success with this unique and powerful church-building program.

Examples that I can then share with others who find themselves where you are today, but who perhaps need the positive encouragement of other church’s (and other pastor’s) experience.

But – and I say again, BUTif growing your church and your ministry is NOT for you – if you are instead content with how things are today, then allow me to save your copy of this program for someone else who WILL put it to good use in THEIR ministry.

Perhaps in YOUR very own home town … perhaps right down the street from YOUR church …!

Think about that for a moment.

As you are lying in bed tonight – or as you stare at yourself in the mirror while you are brushing your teeth in the morning – ask yourself: “What am I doing TODAY (or tomorrow) that will lead to the successful achievement of my ministry goals?

What am I doing that will expand the reach and scope of my (church’s) ministry, and good works in my community?

While you’re eating breakfast, picture how much better your life – and your ministry – will be, if you simply seize the day, and TAKE ACTION NOW!

No more trial-and-error membership drives. This is a comprehensive and WINNING church attendance program that is guaranteed to fill your church pews, worship services, and offering plates – and keep your audience (and your congregation) increasing, year after year!


  • A comprehensive, proven, winning church attendance program that will keep them coming back!
  • Powerful, winning church growth ideas, tips, and strategies gathered from highly successful ministers, church planters, and congregations!
  • Methods and techniques easily adaptable to nearly ANY congregation or religious tradition!
  • Learn how to achieve speedy attendance growth!
  • Discover the secret of retaining their attendance and participation once you’ve gotten them in the door!
  • Uncover the secrets to a good (attendance-boosting) church service!
  • How to make the most of your Sunday School!
  • How to recruit the best leadership for your church!
  • Includes sample letters, forms, and mailings for your attendance campaign!
  • Exclusive lifetime access to a members-only website with even more resources!
  • And much, much more!

Even if you have many years of church leadership experience, or even if you are a newly-minted pastor or church worker, you will quickly find and learn many valuable new strategies and techniques that will invigorate your ministry experience!

But before you order, just read what these church leaders had to say about this powerful program … :

I recently had an opportunity to read your program, “Double Your Church Attendance” … I thought it was great! I borrowed it from a friend, and am looking forward to copies of my own so that I can put these ideas to work in my own congregation.

I do appreciate your work on a program that I can pick up and glean from it without having to sort through all of the ‘fluff’ … Thank you for creating a program with such a practical approach to church growth! It is very helpful to have such knowledge condensed and put into a single place!

In Christ - Grant Ray


This is the greatest program about church growth that has ever been written in my time! Any church can double its attendance in a very short while by observing these simple plan.

Every church person – whether minister or member – should read this, and then every church pew will be filled each Lord’s Day!

(Hannah has been a Christian for over 70 years, and has worked with some of the most encouraging and successful ministers of our era!)

Hannah Amyx


YOU ALSO can create a successful, dynamic Christ-centered church community that serves the needs of its members!

Act today to create an uplifting church experience that your congregation will enjoy and embrace, not merely endure!

Listen – you could click away from this letter and no one but you will ever know —

OR, you can get immediate access to download this program RIGHT NOW for a totally RISK-FREE 90-day evaluation!

Read it carefully – study it – and put it to work in your OWN church for a full 90 days.

Then, if you are not totally convinced of its value to your church and to your ministry, just drop me a note it for a refund of your purchase price.

Just think –

  • This is a Total Evangelistic Program that has dramatically improved church attendance in scores of churches. It is carefully designed to not only attract new members, but to keep them coming back!
  • This program addresses many small, insignificant-appearing matters that are often overlooked, but that from a member’s perspective will soon add up to declining attendance and membership if not immediately corrected!
  • This program is the result of countless ideas and suggestions gained while surveying congregations and churches throughout the United States, plus the work of many of America’s most successful Ministers and Evangelists. These church leaders all have a proven record of greatly increasing church membership and attendance.
  • Unique to this system is a program of direct mailing to current and prospective members that results in dramatic improvements to the success of other elements of the system. It has been shown to be far more effective than even several thousand dollars worth of well-placed advertising.
  • In using this combined system, the author observed two occasions in his own church of 73% and 69% increases in average church attendance in less than one year!
  • During one recent drive using these methods in their small church, they started with an average attendance of 181, and finished with more than 302 – in less than 12 weeks!
  • Based on over 45 years of being in business and in active church work observing, interviewing, and participating with hundreds of church members, ministers, and church leaders, this method is a highly-effective yet nearly cost-free program of dramatic church growth!
  • Careful application of the techniques and methods presented in this lively, informative program – written in plain language and with the lay member in mind, will enable any church to greatly improve or even DOUBLE its church attendance in a very short period of time!
  • Church members will do what they are LED to do! Church participation and growth must be promoted through every church activity and function; sermons, meetings, publications, activities, programs, and through one-on-one contacts.
  • Keep the energy high in the whole congregation! This valuable insightful resource will show you how!
  • You owe it to yourself and to your church, to purchase a copy of this extraordinary program!
  • Read it thoroughly, cover to cover, and think about how you can implement its principles in your church!
  • Share the vision of successful church growth with your church!


dyca-book4-tinyThis fully revised, updated, and Expanded Deluxe Edition includes over 180 PAGES of brand-new and updated material! This program is packed with useful tips, information, insights, and powerful growth strategies – all in an easy-to-use reference format.

PLUS – this program now includes new exclusive Bonus files containing sample letters, forms, and lists that you can copy and use in your own church, or load directly into your word processor!

STOP! Don’t even think about ordering this material if you are not totally committed to the idea of DRAMATICALLY increasing your worship attendance and church growth. This information is far too valuable to be wasted sitting un-used on your bookshelf!

So why not just give it away, like so much else that’s out there on the Internet today?


Frankly we’ve found that people tend to not value information very much if they don’t have to pay much for it. With nothing invested, they lack commitment.

By committing yourself to the cost of acquiring the material, you are firmly cementing in your mind the determination to actually DO something with it.

Anything else would be a waste of your time, and money.

In the long run purchasing this program now will actually save you time, and money, and effort!

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself, and see!

Your purchase will also enable us to continue to bring you great content and great resources for growing your church and your ministry – like this:


NOW INCLUDED with your purchase is exclusive on-line access to our members-only website, giving you access to even more materials and resources at no additional cost.

This is a LIFETIME membership. No renewal fees, no dues. You will have access to every update to the Double Your Church Attendance program as it becomes available. Just make sure that your member profile includes your current email address and we’ll send you an alert to let you know that the update is available to download.

One low price – a lifetime of benefits!

The cost of this material is fully reimbursable and/or deductible as a legitimate professional expense, although I am convinced that it will quickly prove itself worth several times its price to you in increased attendance and offerings, in just the first few months alone!

Are you ready for success?

Are you ready to seize this opportunity to find a new way to invigorate your ministry, and to experience dramatic church growth beyond your wildest dreams or expectations?

Then don’t wait! Get access to this material now!

But stop! Hold on just a moment!

When this updated and expanded program was first released on the market in print form it sold for a full $147 (yes, you saw that right – I told you it took commitment).

But due to the costs related to printing, stocking inventory, shipping, and paying the fulfillment warehouse – plus my desire to make this material available to as many pastors and church leaders as possible – after a lot of thinking about it I decided to not offer a printed version any more – at any price!

Not only does this save both of us a lot of money, and let’s me offer this incredible program to you at a much lower cost, you won’t have to wait for it to be delivered to your door.

That’s right. By ordering right now from this page, you will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to download the full Double Your Church Attendance system – right now!

In just a few minutes, you can have this powerful resource in your hands!

Because of the value of this program plus the Lifetime website members-only access I really should be charging something more like $97. But I really want you to have this for you and for your church, so I’m not even going to ask $67 for it.

Follow the special link below now, and get your own personal copy of the Double Your Church Attendance Deluxe Edition, including the Bonus Companion Files with its letters, lists, and resource files, plus Lifetime access to the exclusive, members-only DYCA website – all for a mere $37!

… you can receive your copy INSTANTLY – and your final cost will be

ONLY $37!

Just think – you’ll be able to download it now, read it tonight, and then put it to work in your ministry as soon as tomorrow morning!

Why wait to get started?

Warning: Because of the extreme value of this unique and powerful program, I’m not sure how much long I’ll be able to offer it at this special low price!

It’s very likely that very soon I’ll be forced to increase the price of this download package to at least $97 in order to help pay for all of the extra bonus materials that will soon be available to you through the member website.

But if you purchase now using this special link while this offer is still in effect, you can have it ALL for the special $37 price, including the complete program manual, the Bonus materials, AND the exclusive member’s website Lifetime access.

PLUS – you still have a full 90 days to think it over, study the materials, and to use them to create dramatic church growth in your own congregation!

If you don’t think that even a small FRACTION of the material is worth far more than the cost in terms of your potential for growth, then simply send me an email anytime within the 90 days and I’ll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

I’d like to say that I’m taking all of the risk here – but there really IS no risk involved to you at all – because I’m so ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED of the value of this material, and of the dramatic effect that it will have on your church and ministry, IF you carefully follow its instructions.

Immediate Access via ClickBank™ or PayPal™ secure payment
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If you grab your private member access now!

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Contains all of the information and Bonus files plus exclusive members-only private website access.

P.S. – Remember, that includes the program manual Double Your Church Attendance Deluxe Edition, plus the Bonus Companion Files, Ministry Letters(tm)v2.0Lite, and the exclusive members-only website access, together with a risk-free no-questions-asked 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee!

Now THAT’s a great deal that you can’t afford to pass up!

P.P.S. – Just imagine where you will be in a mere 90 days through the careful study and application of this material! Imagine the excitement you will feel as you experience the thrill of church growth! Think of what that will mean to you, your church, and your family!

Don’t wait – get your access and download the program now!





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Nature of product: This product consists of a downloadable ebook and online access to a website which contains the ebook in downloadable form, as well as other related downloadable materials and/or links to related products and resources.  This product contains specific instructions for implementing a program to encourage attendance at your church-sponsored activities, events, and worship services which depending on your individual circumstances may or may not be effective in actually increasing attendance and may not result in an actual increase in membership and/or donations of money to your church or organization.

Suitability for Use: The information contained in this program (including but not limited to any  seminar content, manuals, CDs, recordings, mp3s, teleseminars or other content  in any format) is based on sources and information reasonably believed to be  accurate as of the time it was recorded or created. However, this material deals  with topics that are constantly changing and are subject to ongoing changes  RELATED TO TECHNOLOGY AND THE MARKET PLACE AS WELL AS LEGAL AND RELATED  COMPLAINCE ISSUES. Therefore, the completeness and current accuracy of the  materials cannot be guaranteed. These materials do not constitute legal,  compliance, financial, tax, accounting, or related advice.

The end user  of this information should therefore use the contents of this program and the  materials as a general guideline and not as the ultimate source of current  information and when appropriate the user should consult their own legal,  accounting or other advisors.

Any case studies, examples, illustrations, or representations cannot and do not guarantee that the user will achieve similar results. In fact, your  results may vary significantly and factors such as your market, specific circumstances, personal effort  and many other circumstances may and will cause results to vary.



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